What Is the Tier et Tout Strategy in Roulette?



Roulette has long been considered an alluring form of chance gambling that draws in gamblers with its allure of potential riches. Of all of the strategies devised to beat its wheel, one lesser-known yet intriguing approach is called the Tier et Tout strategy; which comes from the French meaning “Third and All” It offers an alternative method for approaching this game by incorporating elements from progression with betting systems into play.


Tier et Tout’s Origins


This strategy hails from France, an influential country when it comes to gambling. While less well known than Martingale or Fibonacci systems, Tier et Tout has gained attention due to its simplicity and potential effectiveness when managing bets.

Named for its core principle: breaking your betting bankroll down into thirds, and wagering each third at once. “Tier” represents the initial third; any winnings accruing are then added back onto “Tout”, to be split equally across subsequent bets.


How Does Tier et Tout Strategy Work?


To better comprehend how Tier et Tout works, let us break down its mechanics:


Subdividing Your Bankroll: Start by subdividing your total bankroll into three equal parts – say $300 would become three “tiers”, each worth $100.


Initial Bet: Set an initial bet equal to one-third of your bankroll – also referred to as the Tier bet – on any given round. This initial stake represents your “Tier” bet.


The outcome of a First Bet: Varies with its outcome


If you win: Simply add your winnings to the remaining two-thirds of your bankroll (known as “Tout”). Should you lose: Your remaining two-thirds can still be used as part of an “up bet”, as described earlier.


Splitting Your Remaining Bankroll: After winning an initial bet, divide up what remains (your “Tout”) equally between the next two bets mega888 download.


Repeating the Process: Continue betting one-third of your bankroll each time until either stopping or reaching an objective target.


Advantages of Tier et Tout Strategy


Tier et Tout offers several advantages for players:


Divide Your Bankroll Equally to Promote Managed Betting: By allocating equal portions to betting activities and managing losses effectively, this strategy promotes disciplined betting while mitigating losses.


Tier et Tout’s Progressive Approach: In contrast with some strategies that require you to double bet after losses, Tier et Tout offers gradual expansion without risking significant portions of your bankroll.


Flexibility: Players can customize the size of their bets based on their initial bankroll, making this game suitable for both casual players and high rollers alike.


Mitigating Losses: By betting only one-third of one’s bankroll at any given time, this strategy offers players protection from long losing streaks while helping them rebound more rapidly from setbacks.


Challenges and Considerations


Though Tier et Tout offers an organized way of approaching roulette, it doesn’t come without its share of complications:


Risk of Losing Streaks: Like with any betting system, any one could run the risk of experiencing a prolonged losing streak that threatens to deplete their bankroll if not carefully managed.


Table Limits: Some casinos impose betting table limits that could hinder your Tier et Tout strategy’s efficacy if your losses exceed this cap before recovering them.


Emotional Control: Discipline is essential when employing any betting strategy, as sticking with your plan and not chasing losses or deviating from it are two cornerstones of success.


House Edge: Keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee winnings over time in roulette; just like all casino games, roulette features a house edge designed to ensure long-term profitability for casinos.




The Tier et Tout strategy provides an intriguing approach to playing roulette, combining elements of progression with controlled betting. Although lesser known than other approaches, its simplicity and potential for steady growth make it worthy of consideration when looking for structured approaches to gaming.


As with any betting strategy, it is critical that any Tier et Tout strategy be approached carefully and understood its limitations. While the system can help mitigate losses while providing a framework for betting, success in roulette cannot be assured at any moment; responsible gambling and sound decision-making remain key components in beating its wheel.


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